“Author vs. Writer” might be worse than “Editing vs Proof reading”

I should be the only one allowed to dictate my fate.

When you come across a trade novel with no words – only blank pages, one begins to wonder what the hell the New York Times is really doing. Fear is more realistic. I’m not one to wonder anything in this climate.

Don’t  push a pusher. I  came across the blank trade novel years before the years now one afternoon while surfing the internet.


I’m am making analogies again?! “M” is for “moron” today

A line from my novel…

“It’s like putting tomato sauce on potatoes when all we have is chicken for dinner…..”

“‘Charles’ is talking to the ocean again.”

Reality? While out on my walk today with my son, I asked him this: “What is wind anyways?”

Eh. Probably just the start of many rhetorical questions to come between him and I.


Pronouns? ACK! One thing at a time please!

Pronouns? Publishers? Literary Agents?…this is what happens when ‘you’ become ‘I’ never knowing that ‘I’ was ‘you’ in the first place. So where does that place ‘me?’ Huh? Oh, I don’t  care. Checking my spelling and grammatical errors is different enough.

I am beyond “putting together 5 years of writing.” Now just need to, “one thing at a time.”

Proper format for submission to publisher or literary agent?

How to trust your literary agent? Or find one that you trust?

Tighten up a synopsis for sending!

one thing at a time can be overwhelming! Any synonyms for wait? I have been done with analogies for quite some time now.

Handling? Verbiage? Didn’t I spell that correctly? Rather, did I spell that correctly?

Context is not the same as content. a book is not a word problem

if you want to read my blog ask someone who sees me all the time or has my number what the link is

mo  I don’t follow your blog because I don’t know the link

is a link the same as a URL? Are either a link or url the same as a website  or a wepage?


Maybe you want me following your blog  realistically I think you are crazy or driving me crazy because if I wanted to see your blog I would ask someone I see or someone I know that knows you for the link. Etc, etc , etc


In fifteen words – here is what my book is about

“It’s about progression, relationships, trust and conviction. Sometimes loyalty gets lost when survival is involved.”

Finally! I can synthesize all the supplemental stuff I need to include when sending to a publisher. Things such as a query letter, a synopsis, a chapter list might be appreciated, a short biography, my original story-board, the very very rough around the edges, but full of personality tape recording I made over one too many cocktails, and lastly the complete manuscript as well as my included illustrations.





Some people have described me as “organized chaos.” Therefore it still may take me a bit of time to get these final things together and checked off. Just know that I am working on it.

Plan for the rest of my day? Well…looks like I am reading my manuscript/novel aloud for the second time since the mass editing project I took on myself.

“Patience is a virtue.”

“Time is of the essence.”

(words of wisdom absorbed while seeing the Allman Brother’s way back in high school)

R.I.P. Gregg Allman

(May 27, 2017 at age 69)