I am “WordPressed”

i included my last chapter on here but honestly I hate it. I am “WordPressed.” All I am trying to accomplish is to get the tinkerer to Captain the boat that is carrying the words out of the Eastern City. The tinkerer wants to take the boat down and kill the words. He fears that if they live, Skyler will continue to run through the books and our reality will never be true it will always be someone else’s writing. He can’t distinguish fiction from reality and has finally lost his mind.

I was “WordPressed”

okay. um. wait. yo. alright. and lastly word.

“Author vs. Writer” might be worse than “Editing vs Proof reading”

I should be the only one allowed to dictate my fate.

When you come across a trade novel with no words – only blank pages, one begins to wonder what the hell the New York Times is really doing. Fear is more realistic. I’m not one to wonder anything in this climate.

Don’t  push a pusher. I  came across the blank trade novel years before the years now one afternoon while surfing the internet.


The protagonist has all the information, but the storyteller is denying it to the audience. It’s not a mystery in the story. It’s a mystery about the story.

When I started writing I was in a frenzy hating on “story”. I hated this picture of an imaginary girl named story keeping me from the story that I knew I was meant to write. Now that I am finished and I am trying to decide what genre it is. I see how it sort of fits within the realm of metafiction/metamystery.

The narrator makes himself known and the protagonist is writing within the story. The characters imply that it is a piece of fiction. It is an adult book, but I think that it would be enjoyed by young adults too. Like 16-18 year olds.

Joined a Writer’s Forum

I tried loading part of my book under the files section of the writers group I joined and instead it showed up under the discussion page. Someone made the comment, “A PDF, that’s a no no. Why don’t you just post a snippet or two of your book in the post?” Because I told her, I was trying to load it under files where everyone else has their books and stuff. SO I deleted my PDF post. I made a word document. It would only give me the option to post it again, so I posted it. There’s your word document honey. I feel dumb for allowing one comment to make me remove my original post. I like the writers group though. It’s a good outlet for me. I don’t have any support. No support system at all.

“I” am reposting. “The M-Files.” 2019. My POV problems in 2021. Strange.

I was just a child. I suppose it was me .yeah .yo. We ran through it .the dictionary that is .A rosebud .seriously that’s what the card had on it .Placed right under M. I’d rather not re visit it. I’d rather just remind myself that I am alive and safe and healthy everyday . Oh “YOU” know

The last thing I want to do is start another run through another dictionary from another publisher. No offense ya’ll but I think it’s best I leave proper names out of my blog.

To revisit what I was allowed as a child? How was I to know? And in reality what a message life takes sometimes I rarely noticed most days.

Yup .safe for the most part . Healthy, in therapy and very argumentative. Probably unrelated knowing me .

Hmm….leads “us” back to “I”. What a crazy “loop” huh? Look it up. I found it. It’s in a book and it’s about time we move along before we all start moving around in circles like I found myself doing just about four years ago.

Its now 2021….

It is “I” the narrator! LOL! The above five paragraphs are straight copied from a previous post of mine, “The M-Files” from 2019. It looks like “I” was having trouble with first person back then too. I wasn’t writing, just reading through it. “I” relates to a loop of numbers “I” to the number 60. Then loop again.

I got it out of book by an author whose last name is Crosby. It’s a book of synonyms or ways to explain other things or something. I’ll find it and repost soon. Well “I” am done writing about first person for now. I’m sure it will come up again.

“Likes” & “Following” & “Rewrites”

Instead of messing with the theme of my blog, I decided to read through some of YOUR blogs. Interesting stuff from all of you. I decided to follow someone too!

I’ve taken three or four days away from my rewrite. It was much needed. I’m about to dive back in. I rewrote 125 pages. Only thing is, then I went back and rewrote the prologue. It kind of messes with the point of view. Then I read on one of your blogs about how to pick your narrator. Well, my narrator doesn’t know everyone. Thus he’s not quite omnipotent. He sort of drops off within the story. I don’t know! This is why I need a rewrite!

I wrote all the time for five years. It was roughly six to ten journals full of writing and outlines. Cursive. Print. All colors of the rainbow. Then I sat down on my bed, pulled out the first notebook and started to type it up. I made different documents for scenes, for character development, and for chapters.

The entire writing process is so difficult. I’m getting frustrated. I’m beginning to think it’s not good enough. But damnit! It’s 84,403 words! And I’m rewriting it. Enough said.

What type of book is it?


So, I was doing some more reading on point of view and I came across metamystery. After reading through Google some I realized that my novel is metafiction. I have been having the hardest time with this! Is it young adult? Is it adult? Is it science fiction? How do I place under one category? Then I read about metafiction.

“The protagonist has all the information but the storyteller is denying it to the audience.”

It’s like the front page of my blog, “The music let’s me see the story, but the story won’t let me write the words.”

Beers and Pee. “U” and “You.” My POV

Well I almost screwed up the appearance of my blog and m y son peed on the floor. But my husband has a beer is his hand. Those guys. So what is good with the world will continue to be that way.

I’m taking a break from my rewrite today. I pulled two all nighters. I like to write at night. It’s quiet and the toddler is asleep. So is my husband. He’s in my novel.

“Put the laptop down!” That’s what him and my best girlfriend said to me. LOL they were right. I feel at peace today all relaxed and without frustration….besides the pee on the bathroom floor.

i have a tendency to never stop once I start. I get into a flow. I realized that last night. I was focusing on my POV. It’s third person and first person with a stab at “U.” Don’ ask. I will probably delete it. My girlfriend is going to edit it for me on her way here this December. Then I’ll really get some constructive criticism.

If you look under the self publishing page I posted something about James Patterson. My husband thinks my book should read like one of his. Oh please. Like I could write more than 70 books. At least I think that’s what I read on Google. I’ve never even read him.

So as I was rewriting last night I was pulled to start back at the prologue. The POV was a mess. It was all, “Skylar” and “She” and “I” and there’s even someone who’s “not sure.” It took me a few reads but then I saw it. It was one sentence. Skyler was doing something, she was being explained then it pivoted to “I am sarcastic.” Only it wasn’t him saying “I” it was her! She was talking to herself OUT LOUD to no one. No one was there to respond. She said “I am sarcastic” like she had tourettes or something. There might have been someone passing her on the street. So, I have my work cut out for me if she’s the type of character that spouts things off out- loud randomly to people on the streets in public and shit.

So what sort of POV is that? She’s referred to in third person as Skyler said and she goes and she thinks etc. to sometimes speaks to the reader in first, but this entity speaks to the reader in first all the time. This shit was real. I used to explode with random words when I first moved here. Words would just pop out if my mouth on the bus and in line at the store. It was so embarrassing. Not to be racial right now ….but many of the African Americans I wasn’t used to being around were always yelling out loud to one another also. There might be something to that. Please don’t go attacking me for what I just be wrote.

Okay. So piss and beer. Mighty fine Sunday ya’ll. Take Care. MemphisSky.