“Author vs. Writer” might be worse than “Editing vs Proof reading”

I should be the only one allowed to dictate my fate.

When you come across a trade novel with no words – only blank pages, one begins to wonder what the hell the New York Times is really doing. Fear is more realistic. I’m not one to wonder anything in this climate.

Don’t  push a pusher. I  came across the blank trade novel years before the years now one afternoon while surfing the internet.


“oh my!” doors not windows. Tore the entire thing right off! The door, not the window. I punched the window.


“Drew a door one summer. Threw it away.”


“Probably…well…because…I punched a window.”

How my modest apartment straightened and sighed…I will never know.

Munchkins. huh.

Yeah….we have a pretty decent very modest roof over our heads.

gravatar’s and profile pictures?…”oh my!”

Oh to first fall in love with the default only to later make an impulsive click and change your “public” “image” FOREVER!

Egads! As I am sure one may say. “Lions and tigers and bears!”

Me on the other hand, well my profile will just sit out there looking ill-equipped and out of place until the weather starts getting murky and I remember my months upon months of previous impulsive photo-swapping, password changing, unsubscribing and subscribing, account creating and destroying and notification massacre setting event I began on in the first place. Dark is more like it. I am always out venturing in the dark. Or rather, I used to.

This writer will not survive another tornado.

Note: I shall from this day forth try and find some confidence with default.

For the record, someone thinks that I need a haircut. creepy.

Pronouns? ACK! One thing at a time please!

Pronouns? Publishers? Literary Agents?…this is what happens when ‘you’ become ‘I’ never knowing that ‘I’ was ‘you’ in the first place. So where does that place ‘me?’ Huh? Oh, I don’t  care. Checking my spelling and grammatical errors is different enough.

I am beyond “putting together 5 years of writing.” Now just need to, “one thing at a time.”

Proper format for submission to publisher or literary agent?

How to trust your literary agent? Or find one that you trust?

Tighten up a synopsis for sending!

one thing at a time can be overwhelming! Any synonyms for wait? I have been done with analogies for quite some time now.