Even nature is allowed to change directions?

While procrastinating on continuing to fully and carefully edit through my manuscript or novel or whatever the proper term for “original piece of work”, I thought I might glance through the top stories for today. What caught my eye was an article about river piracy

Suppose it doesn’t happen often, but sometimes a river can decide to redirect itself. This is exactly what has been going on with the Slims River. Melt water that would normally flow into the river with a course of heading north towards the Bering Sea made an abrupt decision to reroute itself south towards the Gulf of Alaska. Apparently “river piracy” is a real thing

All of this reading about rivers even having the option to change course reminded me of the struggle it has been for me to pull together five years of writing.

When I began, it did not take me long to discover that I was not “just writing a personal journal”. I was finally putting together a book, a novel, a manuscript or whatever it is these “librarian people” wanted or needed me to label it as. Don’t I deserve the right to change the direction of my writing? Especially as it shows itself the more I edit through it?


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