I found myself the summer I lost myself. It was 2012 then. From 2012-2016, I filled up fancy journals, notebooks, notepads, marble notebooks and even half a ledger of graph paper. I wrapped up writing “Monkey Puzzle – Memphis Sky” at the end of 2016. There was only one sentence that bled into January of 2017.  I had my work cut out for me.

It’s been five years since that memorable summer and the book I sought to write is finally completed. It’s a 300-350 page mix of chapters, illustrations, headings, photos and music. Don’t expect any book excerpts on here – not yet at least.  I am using kls1memphissky.wordpress.com as a place for sharing, venting and updating folks about where I am at and what I am up to.

When I am not on here posting (which is more often than when I am posting), you might find me surrounded by 2-3 books that I haven’t found the time to finish. I have a bad habit of concurrently picking up something non-fiction and something fiction. I spend a lot of time not reading. One might label my reading preferences something closer to osmosis these days. It’s been a minute since I have successfully started and finished a book.

I don’t recollect linearly. I am honest to a fault. I walk to the beat of a different drum. I once was a night writer. I once regularly wrote during a full moon.  My handwriting has never been so neat. It took effort to remove all the swearing from my completed original work. I have always journaled, but never knew that I would end up a writer. I chose “Skylar” for my alias. “Memphis Sky” is about myself and the husband who found me three years later after my hazy recollection of seeing him. The entire thing is something of a “Monkey Puzzle.” That is why I have given my original piece of work (novel, book, manuscript) the title: “Monkey Puzzle – Memphis Sky.”  

It has been a struggle to complete the book I sought to write living here on the East Coast. This city doesn’t make it easy on a person. It’s fortunate for me that I don’t need to read in order to know that I can. Hat’s off  to you my Eastern City! I overcame all of your roadblocks and persevered. It’s no easy task pulling together a handwritten mess of a novel and turning it into a neat and legible word processed document.