Final read through and edit!

It’s been awhile since I’ve posted. Since then I have cleaned up my five years of writing and have roughly 300-320 pages to show for it. I never could have imagined that a mess of notebooks and journals would turn into 300 plus pages with chapters and headings.

Still have aways to go. I need to resolve comments and might need to move a few things around. Then comes the hard part, getting someone to actually want to read it.

If anyone is actually reading this, I will try and post again sooner in between posts.


Reading and inspirational book list: during writer’s block and recovery

1. View of the river (hydrology book)

2. Grapes of wrath

3. Richard III

4. Tiger for breakfast

5. A wrinkle in time

6. Cat’s cradle

7. Goodbye Mr chips

8. Briefs : stories for the Palm of the mind. Wideman, John Edgar

9. Zookeeper’so wife

10. Hip hop matter’s, Watkins,  S. Craigslist

11. Blockade billy, king, Stephen  ( contains the bonus story “morality”)

12. Tales of the city. Maupin, armistead. Vol. I in tales of the xity series.

I am surrounded by “writer’s block.” Just needed a good place to put myself out there as a novice writer. Trying to edit, vent and think things through. Wish me luck!

The first thing I came across when I started this blog, was an article about our new President – Mr. Donald J. Trump. As many presidents before him, he too has the privilege and honor of his very own Presidential Library. These libraries have been preserving and making materials available for every President since our 31st: Herbert Hoover. Currently, there are 13 presidential libraries. Looks like our 45th President will make the nations’ Presidential Libraries top out at an even 14.  Trump’s Library