“oh my!” doors not windows. Tore the entire thing right off! The door, not the window. I punched the window.


“Drew a door one summer. Threw it away.”


“Probably…well…because…I punched a window.”

How my modest apartment straightened and sighed…I will never know.

Munchkins. huh.

Yeah….we have a pretty decent very modest roof over our heads.


gravatar’s and profile pictures?…”oh my!”

Oh to first fall in love with the default only to later make an impulsive click and change your “public” “image” FOREVER!

Egads! As I am sure one may say. “Lions and tigers and bears!”

Me on the other hand, well my profile will just sit out there looking ill-equipped and out of place until the weather starts getting murky and I remember my months upon months of previous impulsive photo-swapping, password changing, unsubscribing and subscribing, account creating and destroying and notification massacre setting event I began on in the first place. Dark is more like it. I am always out venturing in the dark. Or rather, I used to.

This writer will not survive another tornado.

Note: I shall from this day forth try and find some confidence with default.

For the record, someone thinks that I need a haircut. creepy.

In fifteen words – here is what my book is about

“It’s about progression, relationships, trust and conviction. Sometimes loyalty gets lost when survival is involved.”

Finally! I can synthesize all the supplemental stuff I need to include when sending to a publisher. Things such as a query letter, a synopsis, a chapter list might be appreciated, a short biography, my original story-board, the very very rough around the edges, but full of personality tape recording I made over one too many cocktails, and lastly the complete manuscript as well as my included illustrations.





Some people have described me as “organized chaos.” Therefore it still may take me a bit of time to get these final things together and checked off. Just know that I am working on it.

Plan for the rest of my day? Well…looks like I am reading my manuscript/novel aloud for the second time since the mass editing project I took on myself.

“Patience is a virtue.”

“Time is of the essence.”

(words of wisdom absorbed while seeing the Allman Brother’s way back in high school)

R.I.P. Gregg Allman

(May 27, 2017 at age 69)

The case of mistaken identities-It has been long enough!

Since I moved to the state I live in now, I have been mistaken as another so many times I wouldn’t even know how to begin. I met my husband here and get the feeling that when he moved here ( or back here) he too has been mistaken as another.

Currently, we are busy with a new baby-something that is between him and I. Starting a family is hard enough without mucking up my blog about me and my book with baby posts.

So….congratulations to us and look for my next post if you are one of the four or five people following it. Thanks for your support and interest in what I am writing and what I have to say. I haven’t had the opportunity to check out your pages, but it is on my weekly list of stuff to do for the week.

Details- boy do I hate feeling under the weather!

I feel the need to clarify my last blog post: the last entry is not in the book I wrote you crazy people, I just happened to be listening to some Bob Dylan that day and the quote got me thinking and I felt like posting his quoted lyrics.

Here is where I find myself with my writing at the moment:

Currently I am experiencing some horrendous carpel tunnel syndrome, so my computer work is limited. I have about 40 pages that need to be tightened up. Then I need to start back on page one, re-read and resolve any comments I have made. Next I have to again start from page one and re-read. Then, I have to print out the entire 300-350 pages and re-read. At that point, I will see where I am at and work on finding the right publisher for me and/or literary agent. (Knowing me, I will print it out one final time and re-read it)

Details can be time consuming and tedious, but as I have experienced from sending my work to a literary agent previously, they are necessary. Have a good one to those of you out there that might actually be reading my posts.